Project Overview

Nou Campanar Pharmacy is online Pharmacy shop specialized in the following services: Pharmaceutical Care. Weight loss and diet control. Control and monitoring of blood pressure. Analysis of glycosylated, hemoglobin, triglyceride cholesterol, HDL cholesterol and LDL cholesterol., Laboratory formulas Smoking cessation with follow-up Helpful drug review Specialists in fertility treatments Nou Campanar Pharmacy Connected with ITECHFAST To Carry out a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Service for the website Improving the online visibility and ranking of various Pharmacy Shop and products was one of the major goals of the SEO project.


SEO, Google Ads




PHARMACY SHOP SEO- farmacianoucampanar

What we did

Decreasing the cost per action (CPA) of the PPC campaigns to convert the qualified leads into sales was one of the major challenges faced by our PPC team. The PPC campaign was systematically structured by our team. Keyword bidding was done by AdWords experts to decrease the CPA from $100 to $35 for capturing leads. It helped us to increase the sales of Pharmacy products by 80%.

Nou Campanar Pharmacy had many duplicate web pages, Meta information missing on its website that were affecting its online visibility and ranking on different search engine page results (SEPRs). We carried out a complete technical analysis and audit of the website to minimize its Meta tags, HeadingnTags, Products meta, etc. To increase the flow of relevant traffic on the website, we carried out sitemap optimization of the website. Products were not organized and structured properly on the website of the Nou Campanar. It had a negative impact on the ranking of the website on different SEPRs. We improved the branding and ranking of the website by reorganizing and structuring every product of Nou Campanar Pharmacy on it. Website was Spain language it was Big challenge for us,

Landing Page Optimization

As the website was not SEO friendly, it lacked relevant traffic and qualified leads. Internal linking within the website was also improved by our team to increase its online visibility. Our search engine experts rewrote all the meta-data on the website to increase its online visibility on various SEPRs

Keywords Research

ITECHFAST Google ads Expert do Keywords Research for Google ads campaign.  Client was already using Google ads from any other provider but he was not satisfied with the leads he was getting. We created a proper Google ads marketing strategy including Lead generation, Retargeting and Look A Like to increase the ROI of client.