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Facebook Ads Marketing What is Facebook Advertising?

Facebook advertising helps marketers increase visibility for their ads, build brand awareness and measure clearly defined metrics and campaign goals helping them create better, more optimized campaigns in the future.

The time Facebook’s 1.32 billion daily active users spend on the network is the reason why businesses invested north of $9 million on Facebook ads in the second quarter of 2017, that’s a 47% increase from the second quarter of 2016.

When done right, Facebook advertising helps both B2B and B2C businesses leverage paid advertising to get new leads and convert them into customers.

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How Do Facebook Ads Work?Each option can be useful, depending on your audience. Most marketers should focus on location, age, gender, and interests.


Location allows you to target users in the country, state, city, or zip code that you service


Age and gender targeting

should be based on your existing customers. If women 25-44 are the bulk of your customers,


Interest targeting

Interest targeting is the most powerful but misused feature of Facebook ads. When creating an ad,

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FAQsFacebook Advertising Frequently Asked Questions

Everybody knows about Facebook, but do they know how to make the most of Facebook advertising?

We’re so used to scrolling through Facebook and seeing ads that we almost don’t notice them, and for marketers, this is a powerful tool. How can you put Facebook ads to good use for your business and see that all-important return on investment?

Image carousels, boosted posts, video ads, and more.

You can target location, age, gender, interests, connections, relationship status, languages, education, and workplaces.

Yes, this allows you to capture users who have visited your site before but didn’t convert yet.

Follow the famous AIDA copywriting formula to write successful ads: write an Attention-grabbing headline, drive user Interest by mentioning benefits, create Desire for your product, and end the ad with a CTA.

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